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sherif student prize

sherif awards a student prize each year for an outstanding research-based project.

The 2023 prize has been awarded to Catherine Drewry. In her work Catherine assessed the capacity of the Coronavirus Infectious Disease Ontology (CIDO) ontology as a gold standard for modelling biomedical information.

For future submissions

Dissertations or projects should be in the area of:

  • library information systems
  • bibliographic databases
  • electronic technologies

and how such resources or technologies are being developed, used or exploited.

Practical projects that exploit such technologies (e.g. for research or teaching or enhancing the student experience generally) or, user experience (UX) studies may also be submitted.

Submissions on other subjects, such as general information literacy topics, are not appropriate and will not be considered.

Each School of Library and Information Studies is invited to nominate one of their student's projects for the prize.

sherif offers the award of £300 each year.

Previous winners

Procedures and Conditions

  1. Prizes will be awarded to students completing courses leading to a first professional qualification recognised by CILIP in Schools/Departments of Library and Information Studies.
  2. The value of the award is £300.
  3. The work of one student may be submitted by each of the Schools/Departments of Library and Information Studies with a short (no more than 200/300 word) supporting recommendation.
  4. The closing date for submission is to be agreed each year. Work completed and assessed in the past twelve months is eligible.
  5. Projects to be submitted shall be ones completed as part of normal course requirements in a course leading to a first professional qualification and shall be of the level which might be called "dissertation", "major project", etc.
  6. Research is to be interpreted broadly but must include some original work.
  7. A Panel will be appointed to judge entries and award prizes. The Panel's decision will be final.
  8. Prize winners shall agree to give a short presentation on their projects at the sherif AGM, when the prizes will be awarded.
  9. sherif may wish to negotiate publication rights with the prize winner's department or school.
  10. Applicants should be residents of the UK or Ireland.
  11. Applications should be sent by email.

Applications and enquiries should be sent by email, to: Michelle Walker

Judging Criteria

  1. Quality and design of research
    1. Have the objectives been clearly stated?
    2. Have the objectives been met?
    3. Is the background information sufficiently explanatory?
    4. Is the literature search thorough and analytical?
    5. Are the topic and the problems associated with it, clearly explained and understood?
    6. Have relevant ethical issues been identified and addressed?
    7. Is the methodology (including and statistical techniques used):
      1. Appropriate?
      2. Understood?
      3. Correctly applied?
    8. Has the proposition been well argued?
    9. Are the conclusions consistent with the findings?

  2. Quality of Presentation
    1. Is the report well presented in terms of:
      1. Clarity
      2. Layout
      3. Readability?
    2. Is good use made of:
      1. Diagrams
      2. Supporting illustrations?

  3. Originality - does the work show evidence of originality

  4. Other Comments

  5. Is the work:
    1. Of professional relevance?
    2. Applicable to practice?