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sherif Event and AGM  Coping with the new normal: Where next for e-resources and practical strategies to help ourselves?
Tuesday, 23rd February 2021 (Via Zoom)

13:00-13:10   Welcome and Outline of the Afternoon
13:10-13:55   Caren Milloy (Director of Licensing, JISC) 'Learning and teaching content: requirements and re-shaping the marketplace'
13:55-14:10   Break
14:15-14:30   AGM
14:30-14:45   sherif Student Prize Winner
14:45-15:00   Break
15:00-16:00   Jo Walley (Learning Facilitator) 'Leading the life you TRUEly deserve' An interactive workshop to explore helpful practical strategies for a changing future.

Feedback from our 2020 event:

  • "It was a well organised event with very interesting and useful content. I enjoyed listening to all the speakers and while it was a very professional event, it was also pleasantly informal and easy to chat to fellow attendees"
  • "I generally found the event very useful, with all the talks being concise and focused around a strong theme"
  • "Enjoyed the diverse range of topics, speakers were all good and engaging"